We found one!

Posted by Josefina Rodríguez Arribas

The last weekend, thanks to the blog, we found one of the five astrolabes we are tracking down (#4560). It was acquired by the Aga Khan Foundation and is going to be on display in Toronto in 2014. Now there are only four to trace. Hopefully we shall be able to find them with your help.

2 thoughts on “We found one!

  1. Two [or more?] magnificent astrolobes were recently on show at the Bet Hatefusot – The Museum of the Jewish People – in Tel Aviv, at an exhibition on Persian Jewry. They were the private property of Mr. Moussieff, who I believe lives in Jerusalem. There is probably a photo of them in the exhibition catalogue.I could investigate if there is an interest.

    • Carole, we are very interested. Let us know if you can find more about these astrolabes at the exhibition of the Bet Hatefusot. I got in touch with the museum several months ago to get more information about them, but did not get any clear answer. I hope you can help us. Many thanks!

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